Blue Barred Cage (Special)

The gang returns for the annual tradition of reviewing the best of the year: it's the 2019 Cagey Awards! We discuss the good and the bad from a historic year in wrestling in WWE, NXT, AEW, and more. Plus we make our predictions for the year to come and review our predictions from this time last year.

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Eddie and Justin have seemingly tracked down Mark in the year 1997, but before they can unlock the secrets of time travel they’re gonna have to watch an episode of Raw. Plus we discuss WWE vs. AEW and welcome the Wee Baby Todd into the world! 

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In the first part of our retrospective on the Hart Foundation, we look at the origins of the group dating back to 1996, discuss Bret and Austin's feud including WrestleMania 13, and the build to the Canadian Stampede event. Plus we discuss Double or Nothing, AEW's weekly show, NXT Takeover XXV, and the Jon Moxley interview.

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Another year has come to a close, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the 2018 Cagey Awards! We break down the best and worst of 2018, see how our predictions for the year panned out, and make some new predictions for 2019.

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Well, there’s time travel now. The gang is going back and forth between the present day and 1997 hunting for Mark, and watching some damn good wrestling while we do it. In our season premiere, we run down our favorite things about pro wrestling in 1997 and discuss the Super Show Down and the return of Shawn Michaels. 

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In this week's episode the guys go All In on ROH Wrestling with special guest Brandon "The Real Deal" Cox. Plus Justin takes his ball and goes home. 

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The Royal Ramble is back and there is a lot to cover! In this episode we discuss a laundry list of topics including the new XFL, the Mixed Match Challenge, the Royal Rumble, the Enzo situation, Ronda Rousey, and much more.  Then we spend some time fantasy booking WrestleMania, and finally Chris and Justin square off in a first round match-up of the Mark Consopolis Classic.

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After a two month hiatus, we’re back! It’s our last episode of the year we’re taking a look back at the best and worst of WWE with our third annual Cagey Awards. Plus we revisit our 2017 predictions to see how those panned out and make some new ones for 2018. Happy New Year!

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Join us humanoids as we remember one of the greatest personalities in the history of pro wrestling, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and share our favorite moments and memories from his legendary career.  Then we break down No Mercy and Hell in a Cell and discuss the direction of both Raw and Smackdown.  Finally, we kick off the Mark Consopolis Classic with a first round battle between Eddie and David.

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In our season four premiere we pay tribute to our friend(?) Mark Consopolis, who perished in a tragic vape liquid/Baja Blast accident, by sharing our favorite Mark moments and anecdotes.  Plus we discuss our Recently Seen. Brought to you by Magnets and Such, The Steiner Diner, The Howard Finkel Hair Club for Men, Dollywood Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes' American Dream Mobile Homes, Hacksaw the Movie, Stone Cold Creamery, and Maggles.

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It's our season three finale! In the wake of our controversial last episode, President Jack Tunney and special investigator Leslie Nelson address the so-called #bluebarredcollusion.  Meanwhile, the crew breaks down one of the biggest weekends of the year and reviews the cards for NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and SummerSlam.  Finally, a discussion of screwjob finishes takes a dark turn, leading to a shocking admission, an assault, and ultimately tragedy. 

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Justin and Chris are holding it down in this 100% freestyle episode we like to call the "Royal Ramble." Topics include New Japan Pro Wrestling, the various incarnations of DX, the new Netflix series GLOW, and much more.  We also answer listener questions relating to the current product, our thoughts on current story lines, and possible NXT call-ups. 

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We're back from hiatus and catching up on all things WWE as we head into the summer! Topics include the rapid ascent of Jinder Mahal, possibilities for Money in the Bank, the weekly struggle that is Raw, NXT Takeover Chicago, and much more. Plus Chris challenges the group to a meta Steel Quiz Match. 

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This week we are stabbing each other in the back as we take a look at the greatest betrayals in wrestling history. There is perhaps no greater trope in wrestling than the double-cross, and in this episode we're talking everything from Andre and the Barber Shop window to The Shield and the Festival of Friendship. Plus, David and Justin talk about seeing Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Ricky Morton perform stand-up and we discuss the announced entrants to the 2017 Hall of Fame.

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In this episode we celebrate the holidays and say goodbye to 2016! First, David challenges the group to a Christmas-themed Steel Quiz Match with our Christmas presents on the line. Then it's the second annual Cagey Awards, in which we celebrate the best and deride the worst of WWE from the past year. We hope all our listeners have a great holiday season and we'll see you in 2017!

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This week's episode is just 2 SWEEEEEEET because we are discussing the early days of the nWo and presenting our rankings of the original twenty members! Plus we delve into the current product to talk about what we love and hate about the brand split, as well the issue of whether there is simply too much wrestling to watch.  Finally, Eddie issues a challenge to the other hosts as well as all of our listeners in "Eddie's New Segment Segment."

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After the shocking ending to last week's episode, the decision has been made to "split the brand," creating two separate shows.  In this episode we conduct the first ever Blue Barred Cage Draft to determine who will appear on which show. With the hosts divided and egos running wild, can Blue Barred Cage survive for a season three?


It's our season finale, and we're celebrating our two-year slammiversary! Mark returns for a special interview, and we take a listen to some never-before-heard segments including Urban Legends and a flashback to the year 2000.  Things take an unfortunate turn, however, when a legal issue between Eddie and Justin puts the future of Blue Barred Cage in question.


In this episode, we first look to the future! We analyze the results of the draft and discuss how the new rosters will shape Raw and Smackdown in the new brand split.  Then, we shift our attention to the past to talk about moments and stories that had so much potential, and yet WWE (and WCW) "dropped the ball." Talking points include the Invasion, the Summer of Punk, and much more.

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It's our first annual Summer Movie Blockbuster episode! Each host watched and discusses a movie starring a wrestler: They Live, Suburban Commando, 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, Santa's Slay, and No Holds Barred. Plus David challenges the group to a movie-themed Steel Quiz Match, and we count down our Fave Five quotes from Jesse Ventura in Predator!


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In this episode of Blue Barred Cage, Chris and Justin sit down with Matt Scott (aka Honky Tonk Matt) to talk about his experiences as an independent wrestler.  We discuss how he got started, his various gimmicks, and some of his favorite stories from over the years involving guys like AJ Styles, Jim Cornette, and Matt's own namesake the Honky Tonk Man.

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In this episode we discuss the "New Era" in WWE, and where guys like Randy Orton and John Cena will fit when they return to action. Then we use our trustworthy TMZ-like reporting skills to uncover the real reason behind the recent round of releases and unveil the #Cagespiracy to the world.  Plus our "picks of the week" and much more. 

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In this episode we are scraping the bottom of the barrel and discussing our picks for the worst WrestleManias of all time.  Plus we have an impromptu therapy session to help Chris deal with his conflicted feelings for Y2J, we talk about the retirement of Sting and our Recently Seen, including the new documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.

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Love is in the air and we are discussing the 1999 event St. Valentine's Day Massacre, featuring guys getting thrown into rivers, black barred cages, and general Attitude Era insanity.  Plus David, Chris, and Eddie compete in a belated Royal Rumble-themed game, and Justin talks about attending the Royal Rumble and recent NXT tapings.

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Mini Rumblesode!!!!

Since we are all currently riding out Snowpocalypse 2016, in this mini episode we individually discuss our predictions for the 2016 Royal Rumble from the warmth and safety of our own homes. 
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Another year is almost gone, so we are taking a look back at the year in WWE with a brand new tradition: The Cagey Awards! We give our choices for categories such as best/worst feuds, matches, superstars, and more. Plus, we take a look back at our individual live wrestling experiences at house shows, TV tapings, and PPVs.

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Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' as we discuss the legendary career of the Undertaker! This month marks 25 years since his debut, and we take a look back at the ups and downs of one of the most famous performers ever - our favorite feuds, the Streak, the cheesiest and scariest moments, and whether or not Biker Taker was amazing or awful.  Plus we discuss Seth Rollins' injury and the situation surrounding the vacant title, and Eddie does the entire show from a car going down the highway.

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It's our second annual Halloween episode, and we cue up the spook yet again! First we are joined by special guest Meredith Bell for her new segment "Dolph's Diva," then we count down our Fave Five bloody moments. Finally, David Modzelewski returns to help us break down WCW Halloween Havoc 1991, featuring the Chamber of Horrors Match, the WCW Phantom, and much more. 

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We are back with more urban legends! Our friend David Modzelewski joins us once again to discuss strange conspiracy theories from the world of pro wrestling. Was the Ultimate Warrior replaced by a look-alike in 1992? Was Vince Russo sent to WCW to deliberately destroy it? Was there more to Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon's relationship than we know? We talk these and more, plus we address the Hulk Hogan scandal that got him fired from WWE and the legacy/future of Daniel Bryan.


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Turn down the lights, pour a glass of wine, and get ready for our adults-only show, "Blue Barred Cage: Nights." It's a lot like the regular show, but, you know, sexier. Our friend David Modzelewski joins us once again to discuss our favorite Intercontinental Title matches, picked both by us and listeners! We also talk about the state of Monday Night Raw, Sheamus' new look, and the opening credits of Silk Stalkings, among other sexy topics.

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In this episode we are joined by special guest David Modzelewski as we discuss some of wrestling's most notorious urban legends! Was the Montreal Screwjob a work? Did Macho Man have a relationship with Stephanie McMahon? What really happened on the infamous Plane Ride from Hell? We talk these stories and more in our new round table discussion series... it gets pretty dirty. 
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