Blue Barred Cage

It's our third annual Halloween episode, and this one of chock full of the spook! First, Eddie counts down the best wrestlers from the fabled land of Parts Unknown in a new Fave Five. Then, David challenges the rest of the group to a special Halloween-themed Steel Quiz Match. Finally, we take a look back at the infamous Dungeon of Doom vs. Hulk Hogan storyline, culminating in one of the most insane PPVs of all time, Halloween Havoc 1995.

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It's October, and this time of year who doesn't love a good scary story? As a way of paying tribute to one of our favorite childhood shows, for this episode we decided to record from deep in the woods as we roughed it on a camping trip.  So grab some marshmallows and join us around the fire for the very first meeting of The MidnightExpress Society, as we present four original wrestling-themed campfire tales,  And beware - you never know who might be lurking in the woods. . .