Blue Barred Cage

We are joined this week by our friend Steve Allen to discuss a quintessential Attitude Era event: Judgment Day 2000. Headlined by a 60-minute Iron Man Match between Triple H and The Rock and featuring one of the greatest surprise returns ever, this PPV is a top-to-bottom classic. Plus Steve regales us with his stories of getting to hang out with some current WWE superstars (including a certain anti-diva), and in a shocking (SHOCKING) turn of events challenges our producer Brian to a "Steve Quiz Match."


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In this episode we are heading back to 1996 as we discuss In Your House 6: Rage in the Cage, featuring Bret Hart vs. Diesel in a BLUE BARRED CAGE match, Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart, a "Crybaby Match," and the Undertaker doing Undertaker things. Plus we make some early WrestleMania predictions and Justin defends his championship in a new Steel Quiz Match!

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