Blue Barred Cage

In this episode, travel back with us to 1996 as we revisit the precursor to the Blue Barred Cage, "Three Dudes with Attitudes." The middle school versions of our hosts discuss the hot topics of the day, including SummerSlam, Ecto Coolers, CompuServe, and downloading pictures of Sunny on a dial-up connection. Plus in the present day, we have Justin's Komedy Korner and talk possible WrestleMania 32 matches. 

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After a short hiatus, we're back with "Wrestling What Ifs." In this episode we pose some alternate history questions and ponder how things may have gone differently for guys like Shawn Michaels, Vader, and Stone Cold. Plus we discuss the plight of Bray Wyatt, our friend Mark stops by for a chat, and we debut a new segment, Justin's Komedy Korner.

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