Blue Barred Cage

In this episode we go international! Eddie and David join us all the way from Peru in a special segment entitled "Peru Barred Cage." Back home, we welcome the wives back to the show! April, Christi, and Meredith join us yet again to discuss the wrestling and acting careers of the most popular crossover star the WWE has ever produced, The Rock.

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In this episode of Blue Barred Cage, Chris and Justin sit down with Matt Scott (aka Honky Tonk Matt) to talk about his experiences as an independent wrestler.  We discuss how he got started, his various gimmicks, and some of his favorite stories from over the years involving guys like AJ Styles, Jim Cornette, and Matt's own namesake the Honky Tonk Man.

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In this episode we discuss the "New Era" in WWE, and where guys like Randy Orton and John Cena will fit when they return to action. Then we use our trustworthy TMZ-like reporting skills to uncover the real reason behind the recent round of releases and unveil the #Cagespiracy to the world.  Plus our "picks of the week" and much more. 

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