Blue Barred Cage

We are back with more urban legends! Our friend David Modzelewski joins us once again to discuss strange conspiracy theories from the world of pro wrestling. Was the Ultimate Warrior replaced by a look-alike in 1992? Was Vince Russo sent to WCW to deliberately destroy it? Was there more to Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon's relationship than we know? We talk these and more, plus we address the Hulk Hogan scandal that got him fired from WWE and the legacy/future of Daniel Bryan.


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On its anniversary, we take a look back on the landmark PPV Bash at the Beach 1996 and discuss its importance to wrestling history. Also in this episode we pay tribute to the late, great Dusty Rhodes with a new Fave Five, talk about the new Tough Enough Series, and Eddie gets out of a ticket by cutting a promo on a cop.

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