Blue Barred Cage (Royal Rumble)
Eddie and Justin are joined by special guest (and Justin's sister) Aimee Murray to talk about an event near and dear to our hearts: the 1995 Royal Rumble! We discuss memories of our childhood fandoms, the state of the wrestling business in the mid-90s, ridiculous gimmicks, and the WWF's first main event push of Shawn Michaels. 
Check out Aimee's YouTube channel "Aimee Reads," and find her on Twitter and Instagram @aimeereadstn. And don't forget to check out Eddie & Justin's newest project "The Greatest Generation," available now on the main Blue barred Cage feed!
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In this episode the gang goes in depth on an excellent weekend of wrestling, including NXT Takeover: Phoenix and the Royal Rumble. Plus we discuss the lay of the land as we begin yet another WrestleMania season. 

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In this episode we're back in time once again to cover the 1997 Royal Rumble, featuring Stone Cold, Bret Hart, HBK, and the first real hints of the Attitude Era. Plus we discuss the announcement of All Elite Wrestling and what it could mean for the wrestling business, NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool, and we pay tribute to late, great Mean Gene Okerlund.

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It's January and that means it's Royal Rumble time! In this episode we are taking a look back at the 1994 Rumble, featuring the implosion of Bret and Owen Hart, a controversial Rumble ending, and the death and resurrection of the Undertaker (seriously). Plus a completely revamped Steel Quiz Match and more. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one! #wwe #wwf #royalrumble #magnetsandsuch #jacktunney #jacktunney #jacktunney

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