Blue Barred Cage

We are going back to the Attitude Era to discuss one of the most famous PPVs of all time, the 1998 King of the Ring.  This event features the famous Hell in a Cell match between Mankind and The Undertaker as well as Stone Cold vs. Kane and the KOTR tournament. Plus we have our Fave Five heel turns and the world premiere of a song by a mysterious new band! Also, Eddie wears a cape. 

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It's January and that means it's Royal Rumble time! In this episode we are taking a look back at the 1994 Rumble, featuring the implosion of Bret and Owen Hart, a controversial Rumble ending, and the death and resurrection of the Undertaker (seriously). Plus a completely revamped Steel Quiz Match and more. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one! #wwe #wwf #royalrumble #magnetsandsuch #jacktunney #jacktunney #jacktunney

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After a brief hiatus we're back, and in this episode we're looking back to the heyday of Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA and more as we pick our favorite Starrcade matches of the 80s! Plus we've got a holiday-themed Steel Quiz Match and other banter to which there may or not be a point. #wwe #wwf #nwa #wcw #wrestling