Blue Barred Cage: Wrestling with Wrestling (storyline spotlight)

You think you know us? We're back and we're talking the Rated R Superstar, Edge! We discuss his career, our favorite matches and feuds, and his legacy in the wrestling business. Plus Justin defends his title against Chris in the most controversial Steel Quiz Match of all time. 

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Enter the White Castle of Fear and get ready to play the game! Storyline Spotlight is back and we're breaking down the epic feud between Sting and Vader from early 90s WCW. Plus, a special Steel Quiz Match to determine the #1 contender for Chris' title, we share our Recently Watched, and more. 

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In this episode we begin a new series taking a look at underappreciated feuds called Story Line Spotlight. Our first edition examines the 1994-95 feud between Bret Hart and Bob Backlund, from Backlund's transformation into his maniacal heel persona all the way to their I Quit Match at WrestleMania XI.  Also, Eddie challenges the group to a Steel Quiz Match and debuts his riveting new segment "Eddie's New Segment Segment." 

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